Pasture legume options for northern Australia


Sown legumes are a much-needed solution for northern beef producers seeking to extend their pasture production season and stop native pasture rundown, but historically suitable options have been difficult to […]

Living mulch builds soil and profits


Living mulch is a system farmers can use to benefit both profits and the soil. While the system has been around for a while, scientists at the University of Georgia […]

Spotlight on agriculture’s emerging industries


Did you know it’s possible to milk a camel? Did you know there’s a type of fruit grown in Western Australia that’s an ancient Chinese delicacy? Well, take note, because […]

Effective Resistance Management Strategies are vital


As pests, weeds and diseases continue to be major threats to the profitability and sustainability of Australia’s farming sector, it is crucial that agronomists and farmers continue to manage pest […]

Smashing the avocado bottleneck


A method of supplying 500 times more avocado plants to industry than is currently possible has been invented by University of Queensland (UQ) researchers. The new stem cell multiplication method […]

Key to drought tolerant crops may be in the leaves


A solution to help farmers to grow crops in dry areas or during stretches of drought may depend on breeding and cultivating plants that protect themselves with a thicker layer […]

Cracking the code of megapests


For the first time, researchers from the CSIRO have mapped the complete genome of two closely related megapests, potentially saving the international agricultural community billions of dollars a year. Led […]

More yellow spot resistance genes discovered


Resistance to one of the most damaging wheat diseases, yellow spot, has been bolstered with the discovery of 11 new genes that will help make future varieties less susceptible to […]

A new tool for spray drift management


Pests, weeds and diseases are a constant threat to our nation’s food, feed and fibre production, making the use of crop protection products essential in Australia and around the world. […]

Lessons learnt from big data use in America could cut costs for Australian farmers


A study of big data use in America has revealed the potential for decision agriculture to significantly cut farm costs and improve outcomes to meet consumer demands and regulatory requirements. […]